The following courses are taught by Dr. Graham. During each semester respective course titles are linked to course materials for enrolled students.

MS 103 Marine Ecology (co-taught with J. Geller, S. Hamilton): Field-oriented introduction to the interrelationship between marine and estuarine organisms and their environment; emphasis on quantitative data collection and analysis. Fall semesters.

MS 131 Marine Botany (UnderGrad) /MS 231 Biology of Seaweeds (Grad): Introduction to the biology of seaweeds, with emphasis on morphology, taxonomy, physiology, and ecology. Spring semesters.

MS 208 Scientific Methods (co-taught with J. Harvey): Information for beginning graduate students, covering philosophy of science, scientific writing, design of experiments and sampling programs, and using library resources. Students prepare and edit written proposals and manuscripts and examine various sample and experimental designs. Spring semesters.

MS 233 Advanced Topics in Marine Ecology: Selected topics and current issues in marine ecology.