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image of Bernat Hereu blow torchingMy research activities are guided by the long term monitoring of the Medes Islands Marine Reserve (Spain), and the Port-Cros National Park (France), in the Department of Ecology of the University of Barcelona. In the Medes Islands I monitored the fish and sea urchin populations, and the algal communities, and in Port-Cros, the echinoderm populations.

These types of long-term monitoring projects have influenced my interests in the interactions between these organisms and the factors that control their trophic relationships, and this was the focus of my PhD research. In this work I wanted to know which factors determine the structure and dynamics of algal communities in the NW Mediterranean. I focused on the trophic relationships between fish, sea urchins and algae, the populations dynamics of sea urchins, and the effects of seasonality (as a limiting factor for algal growth) on these interactions.

Additional research has addressed the structure and dynamics of deep algae of the genus Cystoseira in the Mediterranean. This project was in collaboration with researchers from Spain and France and was conducted in the Scandola Marine Reserve (Corsica, France) and more recently in Port-Cros National Park (France).

In the past few years I also studied the composition and dynamics of fish populations within the fishing restricted zones of Marine Protected Areas. This work was conducted in the Medes Islands Marine Reserve and in the marine reserves of the Balearic Islands. Within the Medes Islands Marine Reserves I also studied the reproductive behavior of the dusky grouper (Epinephelus marginatus).

Otherwise I have collaborated on several projects that focus on conservation biology. In the Port-Cros National Park I participated in monitoring the recovery and restoration of the octocoral Paramuricea clavata after a mass mortality occurred in 1999.

During my stay at Moss Landing Marine Laboratories as a postdoctoral fellow, I will model my research questions after my PhD thesis. I wish to further explore the importance of the interaction between trophic relationships (i.e. top-down control) and growth limitations (i.e. bottom-up control) in determining the structure and dynamics of algal communities. For this study I will change my research community and work for the first time in the intertidal system. I also plan to study how light and water flow determine the composition of the algal understory communities in kelp forests, and indirectly affect the associated fauna community.


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