Gage Dayton, PhD.

Dr. Gage Dayton is a postodoctoral researcher working on a coastal habitat restoration project through the Benthic Lab.

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Amphibians to Phycology? Well, not exactly. I am working on a postdoctoral research project with Drs. Michael Graham and John Oliver where I am involved in a freshwater ecosystem restoration project in the Moro Cojo Watershed in Monterey County. I am an ecologist broadly interested in the factors that regulate species persistence and community structure. My research relies heavily on field work and experimentation to identify mechanisms that govern the makeup of ecological communities, but I also place great importance on a thorough understanding of natural history and the restoration of natural habitats. I am interested in the abiotic and biotic factors that influence species persistence across the landscape. This is a broad “topic” and my research record shows this. While I am interested in describing patterns of species diversity at the multiple spatial scales I am also interested in the mechanisms responsible for creating the observed patterns of distribution and abundance. Thus, my research relies upon descriptive studies as well as experimental works examining the roles of competition, predation, and functional morphology in influencing species persistence.

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Dr. Gage Dayton
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