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I am interested in ecological interactions between habitat-forming species and their associated organisms, and how the community responds to stress. I am currently studying mid to upper intertidal algae of the temperate Northeast Pacific, which vary greatly among and within genera in morphology and the formation of intertidal canopies. Some of the most conspicuous of these habitat-forming algae are species in the genus Mastocarpus, phylum Rhodophyta. This genus displays considerable variability in morphology on small spatial scales (10’s of centimeters), as well as within sites (10's of meters), and among latitudes. My Masters thesis focuses on the consequences of this morphological variability to sub-canopy microclimate conditions and marcroinvertebrate assemblages.

There are three components to my thesis. Firstly, identify the different morphologies, and how they affect the microclimate that regulates intertidal community structure. Secondly, decipher the temporal and spatial scale that morphological variability occurs. Lastly, describe whether and how the macroinvertebrate community responds to natural changes in morphological variability. My study sites will span the U.S. Pacific coast range of the genus Mastocarpus, with a possible addition of an introduced Mastocarpus population in Southwestern Chile.

I am also involved in a study funded by NSF titled “Ecosystem effects of biological diversity in intertidal marine algae,” with PI’s J.J. Stachowicz from UC Davis and Mike Graham from Moss Landing Marine Laboratories. The 4 main algal species in the study include Mastocarpus papillatus, Endocladia muricata (both Rhodophyta), Pelvetiopsis limitata (Phaaeophycaea), and Cladophora columbiana (Chlorophyta). I am one of two graduate assistants on this grant and my main focus is the field component of the study. Responsibilities include monthly field data collection at Soberanes Pt., Big Sur plots, organizing and overseeing seasonal algal sampling of Bodega Marine Lab plots, and compilation of all algal data for the Diversity Grant.

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