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Nereocystis luetkeana (bull kelp) is one of the most conspicuous kelps along the Central Californian coastline. It forms dense, seasonal beds, mostly along wave-exposed outcroppings. Despite being easily recognizable from shore, very little is known about this annual alga, and its role in the ecology of coastal California has largely been inferred (perhaps erroneously) from studies conducted on the much more thoroughly studied Macrocystis pyrifera.

Nereocysits is an annual, and its macroscopic stage is conspicuously absent during the winter months. I am interested in whether an annual can have a strong effect on the ecology of the system. To test this, I am clearing areas of Nereocystis and determining if it changes the abundance of fish, invertebrates and other algae relative to corresponding control plots. This question is particularly interesting to me since historical evidence has shown a decrease in the total number of Nereocystis beds in Central California over the last several decades. image of Thew Suskiewicz

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