Our Group


Michael H. Graham, Ph.D., Professor

Diana Steller, Ph.D., Research Faculty/Diving Safety Officer


Graduate Students:

Stephan Bitterwolf

Suzanne Christensen

Lindsay Cooper

Steven Cunningham

Cody Dawson

Mo Wise

Elizabeth Ramsay

Ann Bishop

María Vila Duplá

Angela Zepp

About Us:

Starting in 2012, MLML became the secretariat of the Western Society of Naturalists (WSN) which hosted its annual meeting at the Embassy Suites in Seaside from November 8-11th 2012.  Several members of the Phycology Lab gave talks or presented posters at this meeting.  Work has concluded on both major lab grants: the National  Science  Foundation grant on the effects of climate change on kelp recruitment and the Sea grant aquaculture project.  Dr. Mike Graham is now focused on furthering the MASST (Marina Academy for Sustainable Science and Technology) program at Marina High School and continuing his work as the managing editor of the Journal of Phycology.  New students Robert "Bobby" San Miguel and Jarred Klosinski are taking classes and thinking about potential thesis ideas.  Additionally, Bobby San Miguel is the first MLML student to receive an NSF graduate student research fellowship to support his work at MLML. Sarah Jeffries, Sara Worden, and Suzanne Christensen started data collection for their theses this fall, while Lexi Howard and Jasmine Ruvalcaba continued their work.  Mike Fox is wrapping up his data collection and will be scheduling his defense soon.


Phycology lab current research projects

NSF: Effects of ocean climate change on recruitment of kelp populations

CA Seagrant: Seaweed strain selection and preservation to optimize harvest yields for abalone culture


Please see Moodle@MLML for the Beerpigs (Benthic Ecology Experimental Research Phycology In General) meeting schedule