Alexis Howard


As a student at Moss Landing Marine Laboratories in the Phycology lab, I am interested in the impacts of climate change. More specifically, how climate change will affect the recruitment and competition of canopy forming kelps, Nereocystis luetkeana and Macorcystis pyrifera. With the impacts of climate change increasing (increasing temperature, increasing CO , more storms, changing salinities, etc.), many of these factors influencing the presence of kelps will be affected as well. Ocean temperature, along with other limiting factors, regulates the range and distribution of kelp forests on our coastlines. Little is known about how the different microscopic and macroscopic life stages of many algae will react to these changes in temperature. Being that kelp forests form such extensive and important habitat for a variety of taxa, it is important to know how increasing ocean temperatures will effect there persistence, and in turn, the persistence of the species that depend on them as well. Contact Information: Moss Landing Marine Laboratories 8272 Moss Landing Rd. Moss Landing, CA 95039 Phone #: 831-771-4421 Fax #: 831-632-4403 e-mail: