Robert "Bobby" San Miguel

As I begin my third year of graduate school at MLML, I am in the process of wrapping up collecting all of my data and analyzing it.  My research interests are a product of the various professors and mentors I worked with during my undergraduate years:  Dr. Nick Haddad, Dr. Marc Johnson, and Dr. JoAnn Burkholder.

My thesis involves examining the costs of self-fertilization in the gametophyte stage of Macrocystis pyrifera.  I will be using zoospore solutions made of either selfed or outcrossed treatments to examine reproductive success under these different conditions.

Some work has already been done examining the costs of selfing in Macrocystis pyrifera, but no one has looked to see how it may change across a geographic gradient.  My work will also examine additional fitness components to see how they vary between populations.  I am hypothesizing that as allelic richness decreases kelp populations, so will the costs of self-fertilization; much like what is expected under Baker's Law.  I will be collecting at sites along the coast of California at 15 sites from Point Loma all the way up to Van Damme State Park.

I will also be working closely with Dr. Filipe Alberto and his lab at the University of Wisconsin: Milwaukee to use their existing genetic data on Macrocystis pyrifera populations to test my hypothesis.



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