Sarah Jeffries

I was extremely fortunate to spend several years as an undergraduate researcher in the Phycology Lab while at CSU Monterey Bay. During that time, I conducted individual research on the population biology of the invasive kelp Undaria pinnatifida and implications for its management as a federally declared invasive species.

As a graduate student, I have changed focus a little bit, and am now researching the different morphologies and reproductive strategies of Macrocystis pyrifera (the giant kelp). Variations in Macrocystis are so dramatic that they were once considered to be completely different species. Recently, these species have been synonymized (lumped into one single species) but the dramatic differences between these ecotypes has yet to be explored.

Specifically, my thesis focuses on individual investment in growth and reproduction between these historic species. I am interested in the relative contributions of the investment of these individuals to the overall population. My thesis research will be primarily subtidal, doing lots of diving, combined with lab work looking at the microscopic life stages of Macrocystis.

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Sarah Jeffries

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