Scott Gabara

As a member of the phycology lab i am interested in all algae, but more specifically habitat forming species and the community they bolster.  Rhodoliths are free living non-geniculate coralline algae that form a biogenic habitat when aggregated, and support a high diversity of life.  These rhodolith beds are globally distributed and are currently found only at the Channel Islands in California.  The recently described distribution and susceptibility to disturbance of these beds at Catalina Island was the driver for monitoring this habitat.  Specifically I am interested in the ecology and seasonality of flora and fauna in these rhodolith beds, first describing the fish, algae and invertebrate community they support and then investigating the possible role as nursery habitat and the benefits of association with this living substrate, such as increased food resources and shelter from predation.

Small white urchin holding rhodolith, red color is from a dive glove.

A phronid in a rhodolith bed.

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